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Bhairavi ( 1996 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: "Ragini (Ashwini Bhave), blind from birth is an outcast in her village. Yet her melodious singing and her father's (Manohar Singh) well respected role as a pandit makes up partially for her affliction. Though she has many suitors, they turn away when they learn she is blind. Her mother (Anjana Mumtaz) dies of grief when the last few of many boys turn her offer down. Her father also dies of a heart ailment, leaving Ragini's aunt (Umashri) to care for her. Lost and alone, Ragini withers away hopeless when one day Rajan (Sridhar) shows up at her door asking for her father. Learning of her farther's death, Rajan tells Ragini that he had hoped to have her father instruct him in the art of singing. Ragini takes on the role instead, love prevails and the two fall in love. "

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