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Bhale Dampathulu ( 1993 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " For more content go to Follow us on twitter at Follow us on facebook at Raja (Rajendra Prasad) is a cheerful young man whose unemployment proves to be a daily struggle for survival. His hope that things will someday get better, begins to wear thin and he decides that it's best not to be a burden to the people around him and that his only way out is to take his own life. Anand (A.N.R.) is a successful businessman who happens to find Raja lying on the rail tracks waiting for the train. Anand saves Raja at the nick of time and assuages his grief. He even offers him a great job at his company only if Raja promises not to lose hope in life and that he'll face his problems like a man. Raja falls in love with Vani (Vanisri), the daughter of a rich businessman, Narayanaswamy (Kota Srinivas Rao) who initially is deadset against their love but Anand convinces Narayanaswamy otherwise. Raja and Vani get married and live a happy life until they start arguing over petty issues. To save the young couple's marriage, Anand asks his estranged wife Sudha (Jayasudha) to pretend to be happily married to him and help him mend Raja and Vani's relationship. As fate would have it, both couples slowly but surely begin to realize that they love each other very much and set aside their differences to be united again. "

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