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Bhale Dongalu ( 1976 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Ranga is an engineer, who is in love with a rich girl named Rekha. Rekha's snobby father disapproves because Ranga is not wealthy, and so he has arranged for her to be married to a son of an evil politician. Rekha's father and the politician frame Ranga for a crime that he didn't commit, and he goes to jail. When he's in jail, he becomes friends with three other prisoners. All four men escape from jail. After Ranga reconnects with Rekha, they all go to a small village called Shantinagar and help save the village from the evil politician and the bandits that terrorize the town. The evil politician is arrested. Rekha's father feels remorse and accepts Ranga. Ranga and his three prisoner friends go back to jail. However, the film ends in an optimistic tone indicating that their good deeds will be rewarded i.e. that their prison sentences will be shortened and that they can be free again. "

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