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bhathiji maharaj ( 1980 ) , Gujarati

Synopsis: " This movie is based on the legendary life events of a philanthropist, protector of animals Veer Bhathiji who was fondly remembered as Bhathiji Maharaj in the entire Gujarat and as Vachchhadada in the Saurashtra. He was born in Kapadvanj village of Kheda district of Gujarat. Bhathiji being the protector of innocent animals led him to friction with Vaadi caste. Being brave he invited enmity with the governor of the province who could not tolerat him In spite of knowing that Kankuba, the daughter of Dudhatel will always be a widow due to the condition that was put by the Snake king before saving her life from the poisonous cobra bite, Bhathiji accepts the proposal of marriage with her so that her life can be saved. "

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