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Bheemudu ( 2003 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " R.Narayana Murthy is a very well known actor who focuses mainly on movies which reflects the problems faced by farmers and the exploitation taking place between higher caste and lower caste.In this movie, Bheemudu(R.Narayana Murthy) belongs to a lower caste background who unexpectedly gets in conflicts with the powerful person from the higher caste.Love with Aruna and hatred with her father are both prevailing with Bheemudu at the same time.But both these feelings had given sorrow to Bheemudu and the other people of his caste.What are the consequences does Bheemudu face due to hatred and love and how had he done justice to his caste? Watch out the mixture of happiness and sorrows of lower caste farmers in the movie Bheemudu. "

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