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Bhulokamlo Yamalokam ( 1966 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: Bhulokamlo Yamalokam starts with a magician who is trying to impress his Goddess from years.Finally his Goddess appears and tells him that his wish would be granted if he has fulfilled her conditions.The magician had to get a married man who is still a bachelor even after marriage.For this he uses Princess Kalavathi (Rajshree).Kalavathi's father is planning to perform her marriage with a very valid person who will pass out all the tests that the king will impose.Raja (Kantha Rao) has passed away all the test and has fallen in love with Kalavathi.But Kalavathi's step sister Madhanarekha has also started loving Raja.So Madhanarekha and her mother along with her uncle had kidnapped Kalavathi and announced that she has eloped.The King is in a delimma.He had sent Madhanrekha as Kalavathi to Raja's house to save his impression in the kingdom.But Raja has recognised Madhanarekha and is refusing to accept her as his wife.Raja's father thinks that he had a mental shock and hence he is talking like that.But where is Kalavathi? Will Kalavathi and Raja ever meet again.? Watch it out in the classical movie Bhulokamlo Yamalokam.

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