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Bitwa Bahubali ( 2008 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " Arjun singh was a sweet, simple and innocent villager who loves the villager's sarpanch's daughter. His dad Satyaprakash (Pramod Moutho) was a man with principles. He becomes a rival of Bahubali Banupratap Singh (Tinu Verma) because of Bhanupratap he had become an eye witness for killing a judge. Satyaprakash was not scared of Bhanupratap so Bhanupratap killed his elder son Vijay and he insults Satyaprakash and then Satyaprakash sends his second son Arjun to kill Bhanupratap and send Bahubali to kill Bahubaliya from the society. And in this way Arjun stands in front of Bhanupratap -Does Arjun thakur give challenge to bhanupratap? -Does bhanupratap gets scared of arjun? -Does Satyaprakash succeed in the aim of turning arjun into bhubali? To know more watch together with family, Healthy entertaining dangerous action and melodious song film ""BETWA BAHUBSLI"" "

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