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Bourani ( 1991 ) , Bengali

Synopsis: " Bourani was released on 1991 Bengali film starring Ranjit Mullick, Bhaskar Banerjee, Tanushree Das, Somashree Chaki. The Bengali Film Is Directed By Bhavesh Kundu. Rahul Deb Burman Scored the music in this Film. The story is as Ranabirs sister wants to grab all his wealth. She plans to marry Tarun, Ranabirs son to Tuki, daughter of Mala. But Tarun loves Rupa, a jatra actress. Raghu, the old servant and Tapan, the head sir, tactfully manage the marriage of Tarun with Rupa. Ranabir's sister with the help of her daughter continues the conspiracy. Eventually the wicked motives of the sister comes to light. Rupa forgives her sister in law and unites the family. Visit us at "

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