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Byabodhan ( 1990 ) , Bengali

Synopsis: " The Bengali film Byabodhan was released in the year 1990 starring Victor Banerjee, Moonmoon Sen,Tapas Paul, Indrani Haldar & others. Music of the feature film is directed by Ajoy Das. The story is as Sushmita is a young girl who loves to sing. She lives with her father and her step mother who does not treat her well. Sushmita is introduced into the Roychowdhury family through a family friend where the head of the family decides to get his son Bhaskar married to her. Bhaskar is a renouned doctor. Apart from his parents, his widow aunt and his cousin brother Shankar are the other members of the family. Bhaskar is infuriated when he comes to know about the match as he is in love with a lady named Mitra who had just lost her mother. However his father is not ready to listen otherwise. He suffers from a mild heart attack while debating with Bhaskar. Therefore Bhaskar is forced to marry Sushmita against his will. He does not allow her to share his room, does not talk to her or give her any repect in his life. Sushmita proves to be a loving daughter in law. She takes care of everyone's needs and looks after them. However Mitra gets jealous and spreads rumour about her character. She even bribes her stepmother to speak ill of her. Sushmita faces assault and leaves the place. In the end Shankar clears everyone's misconception. Bhaskar realizes that he has been cheated and brings Sushmita back to the family with the due respect. Visit us at For Regular Updates, Click here at "

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