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Chalo Ishq Ladaaye ( 2002 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: Topichand Bhangare runs an antique store as a front for illegal activities. He lives near the notorious Chor Bazaar area with his wife, Sulekha, and only daughter, Kiran. He would like Kiran to get married to gangster Shakti Dada, who is currently undergoing a lengthy prison sentence. But Kiran already loves Raj Oberoi, who belongs to a wealthy family, and has no links with any gangsters. Kiran convinces Raj to become a gangster to meet her dads requirements. Raj reluctantly agrees, and is introduced to a gangster-trainer Subramaniam. Raj finally accomplishes his goal, and qualifies to be a suitable groom for Kiran. Then things change abruptly with the arrival of Topichands dad, a wealthy man, Thakur Rana, who strongly opposes Kirans marriage with any gangster. A hapless Raj now decides to cleanse himself of his gangster image.

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