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Chanda ( 2007 ) , Kannada

Synopsis: "An out and out action entertainer, the movie is about Kariya (Vijay) who grows up the hard way, is a black, has a good appetite for food, drinks arrack and sleeps well. However, one thing he would not stand is insult to his mother and if that happens it brings out the beast in him. Trouble begins when Kariya hits one of the local men in the village for abusing his mother and he happens to be the family of a don in the village and in another scuffle two more from the don household get beaten up. The don's daughter Swapna (Shuba Punj) is impressed by the valour of Kariya and expresses her love to him and Kariya with his na��ve nature does not understand what love is. Swapna then changes this rock hard man into a man of feelings and sensitivity and when things are heading towards a marriage Swapna shocks Kariya by saying she did this to avenge the insult done to her family. Kariya reacts in an equally harsh manner and though he walks out he is unable to suppress his feelings. Eventually, Swapna changes her mind but when she comes to him it is too late and the intensity of Kariya's love to Swapna forms the rest of the film. Vendor: Aananda Audio Video "

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