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Chheleta ( 1986 ) , Bengali

Synopsis: " The Children Bengali film Chheleta was released in the year 1986 starring Sabitri Chatterjee, Master Gopal, Master Raja, Shailen Mukherjee, Mrinal Mukherjee & others. The Bengali Film Is Directed By Santosh Ghoshal, Chinmoy Chatterjee scored the music in this Film. The story is as The dullness of a classroom coupled with the teacher's monologues lectures bores him. Instead the beautiful butterfly fluttering around the green lush fields gives his heart that joy. He is a nature lover and needless to say, a bit different from the other boys of his age. He is thoughtful for every animal bird and insect irrespective of it being considered dangerous or dirty. He is not treated well in the family he is given shelter and is given meager portions of meal barely enough to fill his own stomach from which again he saves, in order to feed his pet dog. Social discrimination confuses his innocent mind. He dreams of getting full meals for himself and for the other people belonging to the same strata. The villagers hate him for his naughtiness, except for one lady, known as goyala bou but referred lovingly as ""mashi""by him, who indulges him a lot. The entire time we do not come to know his name and the secret is later revealed when the narrator says that the boy in the movie was infact a representative to every boy, taking birth and growing up in the villages. They are free-willed, independent, vulnerable but promising future global players. Visit us at For Regular Updates, Click here at "

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