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Chhogala Chhagan No Varghodo ( 2009 ) , Gujarati

Synopsis: " Chhogala Chhagan No Varghodo Kanku's ( Pal Rawal) marriage was arranged with Chhagan( Chandan Kumar) but at the time of wedding , the groom gets eloped. Kanku gets angry with this and decides to find out Chhagan at any cost. During her search, she meets another look alike Chhagan (Chandan Kumar) . Kanku misunderstood him as his groom and forcefully gets married to him. Mother in law of Kanku wanted to get rid of her and she throws Kanku in the gushing river. Kanku was lucky as she was saved by Chhagan (Chandan Kumar). But surprisingly Kanku runs away from him. Now both Chhagan go on search of Kanku. They were able to find out Kanku, but were surprised to see her as princess in the palace of the king. How Kanku gets in to the palace? Does Kanku will able to meet her real Chhagan? If yes, than out of two Chhagan who will be lucky to get Kanku? To get all these answers watch this comedy of errors. You are invited to the marriage party of Chhagan. "

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