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Chinna Vathiyar ( 1995 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " The unquenchable thirst of Professor Chandru (Prabhu) in conducting research on soul transfer is the story of 'Chinna Vaadhyaar'. Chandru is so obsessed with his research that he even practises celibacy, much to the annoyance of his wife Janaki (Khushboo). His lookalike Aravind (Prabhu again), studying in the same college, accidentally learns the secret and both of them mutually decide to get into each other's body. Chandru lives as Aravind and vice versa. Many comical errors take place and both decide to come back into their respective bodies. Baba ('Nizhalgal' Ravi), has many a score to settle with both Professor Chandru and his college mate Aravind. He sees the professor get into the body of a dead cat and uses this opportunity to get inside Professor's body. The atrocities Baba carries out under the guise of professor makes the professor realize the dangers of science. He feels sorry that he did not think of the consequences. "

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