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Chitti Tammudu ( 1974 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: Ramu (Jagayya) and Subhadra are married couple.But due to unavoidable circumstances Ramu need to leave Subhadra alone and travel a lot.When he came back he did not find his wife.He came to know that Subhadra has given birth to a baby boy who has been admitted in orphan's hostel by the doctor.He has been named Chiranjeevi.Before death Ramu has told his sister and his brother Srihari (Kantha Rao) to find his wife and child and give away half of his property to them.Srihari has been waited for long years but could not find Ramu's wife.So he is fed up of finding them and now he has changed his mind of sharing the property with them.Will Srihari ever find Ramu's child.? What is actually the story about? Watch it out in the movie Chitti Tammudu.

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