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Chokher Aloye ( 1989 ) , Bengali

Synopsis: " Chokher Aloye was released on 1989 Bengali film starring Tapas Pal, Debasree Roy, Prasenjit, Shakuntala Barua, Anil Chatterjee. Music of the feature film is directed by Bappi Lahiri. The story is as Debdas Roy is a businessman who lives with his wife Suniti and daughter Mrinmoyee. Rajat Chowdhury returns from London after completing a course in business management and stays in their house. Rajat is the son of Debdas Roy's friend. Debdas and his family start planning in making Rajat their son-in-law. After returning from London Rajat tries to find his old lover Madhuri. But he cannot find her as Madhuri does not want to meet him. Rajat weds Mrinmoyee and takes charge as the managing director of Debdas' office and business. One day Mrinmoyee comes to know that her old good college friend Debasish has joined as a driver in their company by changing his name to Balai. Suresh Dutta is a manager in the same company. One day in a business meeting Rajat meets Madhuri as Samita Dutta, her changed identity. Rajat after seeing Samita expresses his feelings for Madhuri. Suresh, the company manager of the firm wants to grasp the whole property of Debdas. Debdas gives the entire property to Rajat. Suresh uses Samita to capture the whole property. Mrinmoyee on knowing this protest. Rajat insults her and Mrinmoyee leaves her house with Balai. Balai gives her shelter in his house. Mrinmoyee gives birth to a baby. Samita pays the bills of the nursing home because she regrets her behavior towards Rajat's family. Samita is used by Suresh to grasp the property of Rajat by cheating him. Samita informs Rajat of Suresh's plans. Suresh kills Samita but the charge falls on Rajat and he goes to jail. Balai takes revenge on Suresh and proves it as a false case. Balai murders Suresh. Rajat on being released unites again with Mrinmoyee. Balai has to go to jail to save Rajat's family. Visit us at "

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