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Choopulu Kalisina Subhavela ( 1988 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " ""Choopulu Kalisina Subhavela"" is the movie revolving around a young lad Mohan, who falls in love with Ashwini. They get married with the help of Mohan's friend Naresh. But Ashwini's uncle Nutan Prasad is against love marriages. He doesn't approve their marriage and tells them to never show their face to him due to which a misunderstanding takes place between Nutan Prasad and Ashwini's father Veerabhadra Rao. Mohan, Ashwini and Naresh strive hard to reunite these brothers and have a tough time doing so. Catch out this rib tickling flick Choopulu Kalisina Subhavela to know all the funny stunts of Mohan and Naresh. "

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