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Chorni ( 1982 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: An innocent girl Deepa (Neetu Singh) is forced to take up a life of a criminal. When a gang of spoilt rich young men cook up a robbery, Deepa is framed and subsequently locked up in a cell. Justice Sinha, a judge in a juvenile court, comes upon Deepa and decides to adopt her and save her from her illegal life. Deepa is asked to get rid of her street-smart ways. The Sinha family accepts her as one among them and life for Deepa changes for the better. Even Dr. Vikram (Jeetendra), the young handsome family physician, starts taking a personal interest in her. All seems well until trouble in the form of Kishore enters Deepa�s life again and with it comes her former mentor Shambhu Dada who threatens to kill the judge and expose a scandal if Deepa desn not rob the Judge for him.

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