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Coimbatore Mappillai ( 1996 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Balu (Vijay) is an unemployed youth who manages to meet ends by doing petty thefts and small time cheating. He comes to live with a friend Gopal (Goundamani) whose house owner's grand-daughter is Sumitra (Sangavi). As time passes Sumitra falls in love with Balu, however Balu tells her that he is not the right person for her and tells her the truth about himself. Sumitra doesn't believe him, her grandmother overhears their conversation and advices Balu to mend his ways, taking her advice Balu tries to mend his ways. But one untoward incident causes a misunderstanding between Sumitra and Balu. After a lot of confusions and misunderstanding both the lovers are united. "

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