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Coolie ( 1995 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Karnan (Sharat Kumar) is a factory worker who worships his job and his fellow workers. Having lost his mother early in childhood, he brings up his sister Tulsi all alone. As the years roll by, Karnan becomes the Union leader in the factory. But troubles begin when Tulsi falls in love with the factory owner Lokanathan's (Radha Ravi) son, Raja (Raja). Lokanathan lays down a condition for Tulsi's marriage; but Karnan does not consent to it since it does not favor other factory workers. Despite all odds, the marriage takes place, but Karnan is unaware of Lokanathan's master plan. Soon after the wedding, Raja is sent to Mumbai on work and a situation is created where Tulsi has to take charge of the factory. Meanwhile, Lokanathan's daughter Vimala (Meena) falls in love with Karnan and wants to marry him against her father's wishes. Tulsi and Karnan are brought to loggerheads with each other. What happens then? Does Lokanathan succeed in his evil plans? "

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