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Cycle Kick ( 2011 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " Cycle Kick is the story of two brothers, Ramu (Nishan Nanaiah) and his younger brother Deva (Dwij Yadav). They live in a small coastal village and without parents have grown up relying only on life's necessities. Ramu works all morning and attends college in the afternoon just so that he can send Deva to a decent school. Deva dreams of owning a bicycle which is fulfilled after Ramu finds an abandoned bike, and with repair they make it roadworthy. While working in the garden of a wealthy family, Ramu falls in love with the daughter, Shrishti (Girija Oak), and on being discovered, gets fired. But when Deva's bike gets stolen both brothers set out on a search to locate the bike at any cost. Who stole the bike? Can the brother's succeed in their mission? "

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