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Daari Thappida Maga ( 1975 ) , Kannada

Synopsis: " Undoubtedly one of the best movies of legendary actor Dr. Rajkumar. Rajkumar's superlative acting in double roles is the highlight of the movie. Also, one of those two roles had a grey shade in it. Infact this movie was the trend setter for multistarrer movies in Kannada Film Industry. The film excelled in all departments of film making, acting, screenplay, music, deft direction and photography. The song 'Kannanchali ee maatali' went on to become all time hits of Kannada Film Industry. New comers like Manjula and Jayamala along with senior actors like Kalpana & Aarti add adequate glamour to the lively scenes of the movie. Veteran Rajamma in the role of the mother whose twins lost their way in the childhood impresses with her acting prowess. "

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