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Dada Ji ( 2009 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " Order the DVD with bonus features now at Dada Ji is a humorous and heartwarming story about family, love, loss, and what happens when different generations, new and old traditions, come together. Dear ol' Dada Ji (Kumar Pallana) has just moved in with his daughter Rima, her American husband and their eight year old son. He's always taunted Rima for her rejection of her Indian traditions, but now that they're living under the same roof, she insists on putting her foot down. Despite their differences, Dada Ji will do whatever it takes to mend their relationship .... even if it means driving Rima up the wall! Dada Ji and his daughter must find some common ground if they're to live under one roof. Whoever said family was a cup of tea? Written & Directed by Sabina Shamdasani, starring Kumar Pallana (Steven Spielberg's ""The Terminal"", Wes Anderson's ""The Royal Tenenbaums""). "

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