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De Da Piritiya Udhar ( 2006 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " Master Dinanath along with wife Janki and three sons reside in Ratanpur village, everyone in the village respected them a lot, and everyone would often tell them that he should stand in village Headman's elections, but he would never agree to this. Present village Headman Mukhtar Singh was a cruel person. Where in all the villagers were the victim of his bad deeds and were tensed because of it. Once Mukhtar Singh gets pissed on a particular matter and kills vice-headman and Master Dinanath wittiness the murder. Mukhtar Singh in order to vanish all the wittiness decides to kill the master as well. Dinanath in order to save his life, sends his whole family but he himself falls prey and losses his life. Master's families while leaving the village get separated. His wife Janki loses her memory. As the destiny goes-elder son stays in a orphanage and becomes a police officer, second son stays with a truck driver and becomes a truck driver. The youngest (third) son chotu stays with a woman who sells milk but also loves to sing .Mother earns her livelihood by selling toys in the same chawl.Chawl people have sympathy on her as doesn't remember anything. On the other hand Vinay , Birju and Chotu have fallen in love. Rani (Sweeti Chabbaria) who runs a beer club has entered Vinay's life. Birju(Krishna Abhishek) lover is Purnima where as Chotu (Chotu Chaliya) loves Radha(Rinku Ghosh). Every one stays in one city -- they meet each other but cannot recognize each other. Mukhtar Singh has now become a minister . Time changes its way once again and once again there are incidents happening in their life. The separated ones meet once again. But going through many difficulties. After one very entertaining musical movie. "

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