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Deedar ( 1961 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: "Shamu works in an orchard owned by Daulatram Rai and is friends with his boss' only child, Mala. One day, while horse riding, Mala and Shamu get thrown off and Mala is injured. Her enraged father fires Shamu and forbids Mala to ever see him again. Shamu and his mom leave to re-locate elsewhere. When Shamu's mom passes away. A depressed Shamu runs into a sand-storm and loses his vision. Blind and dependent, Shamu is looked after by Champa and her uncle. Years past but Shamu is unable to get Mala out of his mind. When Shamu regains his sight with the help of a doctor, his only thought is to find Mala and re-kindle their love. "

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