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Devudichina Bartha ( 1968 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: Sridatta (Kantha Rao) belongs to the family of door keepers.But he is more interested in learning fighting skills.But his guru who is the father of Amruthavalli (Rajshree) refuses to teach him.But Sridatta dedicatedly learns on his own.One accidently he had to fight with the Prince Ghanthasurudu (Satyanarayana) due to which the king gets angry and sends him to prison.ghanthasurudu has also abducted Amruthavalli and performs her marriage with a very old man.But here the story takes an unexpected turn.Who is this old man and how will he save Amruthavalli and her father from the trap of the Prince.Watch out in the movie Devudichina Bartha.

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