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Dharam Veer ( 2008 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " Dharma Veer is the story of that two friends who's main aim is to bring happiness, progress , educated unemployment n provide with the basic necessities in the village. Their friendship was considered as the history in the world. Dharam is the son of a rickshaw driver whereas Veer is the son of a very big landlord. Since childhood they both have studied and played together in one incident Dharam's dad is murdered though cruel babu Sahib. While he was in his last stage he puts his wish in front of Dharam that he should become a big officer and fight for the right of poor and backward class people. Dharam wanted to fulfill his dads wish so for that he was preparing himself for I.A.S exam and with it he used to also drive rickshaw. There Veer fights with babu Sahib because he was to be blamed for killing Dharam's dad and puts him in the jail. Seeing this Veer's dad Surendra Singh is so upset that he tells Veer to choose between the two either friendship with Dharam or his palace. Veer leaves his palace because of his friendship with Dharam and drives rickshaw with Dharam. His thinking is that no work is small if it is done with honesty and hardwork. Seeing his thoughts many people in the village come with him. With the help of Dharam Veer many villagers get into railway exam, n some wok hard get ready to go into police force. Now Dharam Veer's team gets stronger. Now they try to get education, hospitals and various other needs in the village. With that only he goes against and fights for corruption done by the higher society. During this they become enemy of the leader of that region Jagdamba Singh. Jagdamba's terror is wide spread. His men every now and then do robbery, rapes and all the non happenings. Dharam Veer would give them a tough fight to all their sins. And now Jagdamba tries hard to kill Dharam Veer. There comes a girl named Shraddha in Dharam Veer life from Mahanagar village. They go through such a situation where they both start loving Shraddha. And when they come to know then the two best friends friendship turns into enemy. Now Dharam Veer's team break Veer shakes hand with Jagdamba and then starts Dharam's true exam. Will Dharam fulfill his dads wish n become a big officer from a normal rickshaw driver? From dharam --veer who will get Shraddha's love? Will dharam succeed in fighting against the terror of Jagdamba? What will happen to Dharam-Veer's rivalry? To know more about this watch the movie-Dharam Veer "

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