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Dhartiputra ( 1993 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: Jeeva is a beautiful village girl who is in love with Shiva - from her neighbouring village. Thakur Yashpal Singh is married but has an eye on Jeeva. Jeeva's family is eager to get her married to Shiva as soon as possible, which they do. But, Yashpal Singh with the help of his younger brother Mahipal and others kill Shiva. Yashpal Singh is about to rape a girl, when Jeeva arrives at the scene and kills Yashpal Singh. Jeeva surrenders to the law and is sentenced to rigorous imprisonment. Meanwhile,Tejeshwari, wife of Yashpal Singh vows to take revenge of her husband's death, and plots to kill Jeeva and her son Munna in jail. Kapil Dev Singh is an orphan and honest jailor who after going through Jeeva's file has sympathy for her and Munna. Jeeva soon gets released from prison, but little does she know that Tejeshwari and her brothers are waiting outside to kill her and her son.

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