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Dhava Dhav ( 2011 ) , Marathi

Synopsis: " Gabbar.... 30 years ago people used to get scared by hearing the name of Gabbar, small small children use to get scared and sleep in their mother's arm. But as the time passes every person changes themselves, the same way Gabbar (Mohan Joshi) also changes himself. Once he use to live in jungle, ride horse is now staying in the Palace, Travelling in Mercedes, talking in English. He wants to be the no. 1 DON. But where there is a Villain, there is a Hero. The Hero of our story JAY (Shashank Udapurkar) and Viru (Bharat Jadhav) both stays in Ramtek with their mother Suhasini Chavhan. Jay is innocent where Viru is fearless. Suhasini is very angry as she has came to know that the daughters of officer Godbole (Anand Abhyankar) Hema (Madhvi Nimkar) and Malini (Rutuja Patil) has fallen in love with Jay and Viru. Story suddenly takes a new turn. Don (Shashank Udapurkar) came from London is a big fan of Amitabh Bacchan. Commits his robbery done in a big bank on Indian television. Don's connection is with Gabbar. Suhasini gets very anxious after seeing Don on television. Due to which it causes problems in Jay and Viru's life. They come to know the aim of Suhasini because of Don and Gabbar. Certainly, life changes of innocent Jay and joly and fearless VIru and they indulge themselves in completing their mother's aim. Why does Suhasini gets anxious after seeing Don? What is the relation between Don and Gabbar? What is the aim of Suhasini? Why is the life of Jay and Viru is shattered? Does Viru completes his mother's aim? How does the joyful life of Jay and Viru get affected because of Gabbar and how does Jay and Viru faces Gabbar? This type of interested entertaining answering romance, action, comedy and entertaining film called Dhava Dhav "

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