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Dhool Ka Phool ( 1960 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: "Meena and Mahesh meet in a bicycle accident and fall in love. When Mahesh's father summons him home to marry a girl of his choice, Mahesh initially refuses, but subsequently gives in and gets married to Malti Rai. Meanwhile, a pregnant Meena is thrown out of her house, gives birth to a baby boy, and abandons the child in a forest. The child is found by a kind-hearted devout Muslim, Abdul Rashid, who decides to adopt him much to the objection of the Hindu and the Muslim communities. Abdul decides to leave for the city, but is unable to shake the stigma of bringing up an illegitimate child who is subjected to all kinds of taunts by fellow classmates. Roshan stops going to school, meets with Jaggu, a petty thief who introduces him to a life of crime. One day, Roshan is arrested for theft. He stands trial and the judge preceding the case is non other than his biological father Mahesh. "

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