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Dhum Dhadaka ( 1985 ) , Marathi

Synopsis: " A rich and spoiled girl stumbles upon a young man. On first sight they despise each other. Her father being employer of this young man throws him out of job. But the high-esteemed young man challenges his employer and swears to marry his daughter. With the help of his friend he pretends himself as an heir to a vast fortune. The greedy employer falls for his scheme. Story of a small town, but ambitious guy Mahesh Javalkar (Mahesh Kothare), who works in Fatory of Dhanajirao Vakade (Shard Talavalkar). He does some prank with Dhanajirao's daughter(Nivedita Joshi) because of which DhanajiRao removes him from the job and then he wants to take the revenge from Dhanajirao with the help of Ashok Gupchup(Ashok Saraf). There it all starts and the fun begins. "

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