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Dhusar Godhuli ( 1994 ) , Bengali

Synopsis: " The Bengali film Dhusar Godhuli in the year 1994 starring Prasenjit, Koyal , Shakuntala Barua, Anuradha Roy Arjun Chakraborty, Depankar Dey & others. The Bengali Film Is Directed By Bimal Roy, Bappi Lahiri scored the music in this Film. The story is as Bhavani Kishore is a very rich person with a big reputation. He has a son called Kingsuk. Kingshuk loves Mallika and he marries Mallika who eventually is the daughter of a poor school teacher. But Bhavani Kishore does not accept this marriage. So Kingshuk and Mallika shifted to Kalimpong. But her father in law engages some hooligans to kill her. Mallika sacrifices her life. Kigshuk also loses his words by this accident. Then Doctor Pratul Banerjee advises Bhavani to find a look alike of Mallika for the treatment of Kingshuk. Pratima is a daughter of a woman who is basically engaged in wrong causes. But pratima provides a healing touch and Kingshuk became a normal person. But then Bhavani humiliates Pratima for her family background and picks Sucheta as his daughter in law. On the other hand Kingshuk protested about the decision. At last Bhavani calls Pratima and arranged her marriage with his son. Visit us at For Regular Updates, Click here at "

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