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Diary Of A Common Man ( 2012 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " Today's Common Man is confused, puzzled, half happy, half sad face. Yes, that elusive character who is the real Lord and Master of this country, the guardian of our political freedom! is depressed and bemused. Yet we find today that the common man is languishing in the shadows of anonymity. Hunted by the brokers of power and prestige we find him at the periphery of decision making circles. It is high time we sat up and took notice of him, for he is the one who makes this country tick! FREEDOM! This will be the most common refrain heard in India even as we have entered the 64th year of our Independence. 64 years ago we had made an unique tryst with destiny and had embarked on a promising but perilous journey towards progress, prosperity and social justice. Since then wars, general elections, five year plans and countless insurgencies later we can safely say that we have come a long way. We are still together as a nation. Yes, it is time to understand Common Man's Values. There will be so many issues faced by a Common Man like official, unofficial, formal, non-formal, government, corporate,........the list is endless. "

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