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Diggajaru ( 2001 ) , Kannada

Synopsis: The story is about two friends. One of them is the head of the village and the other is a servant in his house. Both live together as brothers inspite of the bridge between their statuses. To save his Wodeyars prestige Mutha takes the blame for a murder committed during the wodeyars sister wedding and is behind the bars for 15 years. He also takes an oath from his Wodeyar that he wont disclose the truth to anyone. This brings a rift between the family of wodeyar and his sister Thara with Mansur Ali Khan. Mutha leaves his son Chikkaiah to look after the wodeyar and his family.���The Wodeyars daughter Sanghavi returns from abroad. She vows to take revenge on Muthaiah thinking that he was the main reason for the rift in her family. She fools Chikaiah as to believe that she is in love with him. One day she creates such a awkward scene that Chikaiah is asked to leave the house. As time passes Muthaiah returns from prison. On the other hand all arrangements are made for the marriage of the Wodeyars daughter with his sisters brother in law Gurudutt . What forms the climax is how Mutha and Chikaiah stop the marriage. The truth hidden for 15 yrs as to why Mutha went to prison is also disclosed.

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