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Dorgarintlo Dongodu ( 1988 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Doragarintlo Dongodu is a comedy/drama about an impostor who has a change of heart. Satyanarayana is the uncle of Ram Babu who is the heir to an immense fortune. Satyanarayana kills Ram Babu in hopes of getting his money but realizes afterwards that he needs Ram Babu to talk to his mother about the will. So, he hires a look alike of Ram Babu named, Krishnaiah who pretends to be Ram Babu to his family. When an old friend of Ram Babu starts doubting that maybe he's not really the person they've known all their lives things take a different turn. What happens to Ram Babu's family and will Krishnaiah ever be able to redeem himself for what he's done? Watch to find out. "

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