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Drona ( 2008 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: Aditya (Abhishek Bachchan), a young man unaware of his real identity, is brought up by a foster family in a faraway distant town. A recurring nightmare has been tormenting him ever since he was a child. On another part of the world, far away from Aditya, an evil sorcerer, Riz Raizada (Kay Kay menon), a descendant of the legendary demons has become dangerously impatient, in his thirst to take control over the universe. He is waiting for the secret that would help him fulfil his dream. To get to the secret, he�d have to defeat Drona. But he doesn�t know who or where Drona is! But when fate brings the two together Riz immediately recognizes him as the man he was waiting for. Just when Aditya is about to be captured by Riz�s men; a cult that believes that Drona is their messiah, rescues him. Sonia (Priyanka Chopra), the leader of the cult, reveals Aditya�s real identity to him. Sonia then takes Aditya back to his place of birth, the ancient kingdom of Pratapgarh where his mother, Queen Jayati Devi would have all the answers to his questions. But before he can meet his mother, Riz and his army of the darkest powers catch up with him.

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