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Dynamic Josh ( 2006 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " Synopsis-Dynamic Josh is the hindi translation of a Tamil Movie 'Sudhandiram'. Sudhandiram is the remake of Aamir Khan starrer Ghulam. The movie proved successful enough gain captive audience as it has a flawless start and a sensible climax. Watch 'Dynamic Josh (Sudhandiram) and enjoy this action -- flick movie. Vishwa is a goon and an aspiring boxing champion. He does all the typical criminal jobs for Sopraj, the main local goon. He is usually bailed out by a lawyer, who believes that there is still something good left in him and he just needs to be given another chance. Sopraj is aiming to build a colony in the area after vacating the people already living there. Vishwa's brother Raghu, is an accountant on Sopraj's payroll. Love blossoms between Vishwa and Divya, the girlfriend of the head of a local gang. When a social worker Vikram intrudes in the affairs of Sopraj, he asks Vishwa to bring Vikram to him. Vishwa does so thinking that Sopraj is just going to talk to him abot the matter but Sopraj brutally kills him instead. This makes Vishwa turn over a new leaf. Though his love for his brother prevents him initially, he finally decides to go against Sopraj. "

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