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E Abbai Chala Manchodu ( 2003 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " This film is made with a very innovative and a new storyline. Ajay Ratnam is a big business tycoon and Ravi is his son. Once Ravi finds his dad with a young woman and inquires the details. His father says that he loves her and also tells him that it is quite essential for a man and a woman who claim to be married or to be in love to have a mental and a physical relation as well. Ravi Teja disagrees with this stand of his dad and challenges him that it is quite possible to lead a normal married life without any kind of a physical relationship. To prove this he marries Vani, the girl he falls in love with and according to the challenge never touches her. Already engrossed in the storyline? What happens next? Well to know all this watch out for ��'Ee Abbayi Chaala Manchoodu brought to you by your very own!! "

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