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Eight - Shani ( 2006 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: Raj lives with his brother Suraj and sister-in-law Radha in U.K. It could just have been one ideal family but for Raj. He possesses a unique power to see the souls and the spirits of the dead. A spiritualist, he has a compass as his companion, which never fails to guide him in case of the presence of anything that was supernatural. And one ghastly night changes everything for the family! The spirit of Kamini targets their home. A disturbed Suraj blames Raj for the chain of events and throws him out. Raj seeks help from his friend Sadhvi. The mystery deepens as the figure of eight appears on Sadhvis back in blood. Sadhvi concludes that whatever is happening is due to the anger of Shani. The attacks continue at Surajs household and he is forced to seek Rajs help. Raj, Suraj and Radha move out of their London home to Balwants farmhouse. But the spirit of Kamini continues to haunt them.

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