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Ek Anari Do Khiladi ( 1996 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: "Ek Anari Do Khiladi is 1996 Hindi language movie directed by Ravi Raja and starring Raveena Tandon, Ramya, Balkrishna, Sharat Saxena, Srividya, Devraj. Raja (Balkrishna) and Gauri (Ramya) are childhood sweethearts, living in a small village in the southern part of India. Gauri plans to marry Raja one day, and will not tolerate any other woman to even cast an eye on Raja. When Priya Rao (Raveena Tandon) from a big city, comes to the village, she too falls in love with Raja. Raja also starts to fall in love with Priya. And then when they are about to be married, Raja finds out that Priya is not what she claims to be, and he also finds out that she has an ulterior motive for coming to live in this village."

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