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Ek Unaad Divas ( 2007 ) , Marathi

Synopsis: " Vishwas (Ashok Saraf) is a dedicated, punctual and workaholic Mumbai-based businessman, who does not know to enjoy his life. Once, unexpectedly, his schedule gets disturbed because of the taxi strike. Vishwas, who has never travelled without his car, is left with no option but to walk his way home. On his way, Vishwas meets his childhood friend Govinda, who makes him realize that one can stay happy with limited money. Govinda's approach towards life forces wealthy businessman, Vishwas to rethink whether he is really living his life to the fullest. Realizing what he is missing, Vishwas decides to freak-out by wearing a gaudy shirt, roaming around like a roadside hero, playing cards with strangers. In this one day, Vishwas gets an opportunity to explore the insights of life, which make him forget all social rules. Vishwas learns such lessons of life, which he might not have learnt in his busy sophisticated life. 'Ek Unaad Divas', a full-of-life movie, will surely encourage you to live one day differently like never before. "

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