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Ekalavya ( 1992 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: Ekalavya (Krishna) belongs to a tribal family.His father wanted him to achieve proficiency in the skill of using arrow and bow.So his mother tells him to go to Hasthinapura where Dronacharya (Gummadi) is teaching Arjuna (Sharath Babu) the same skill.Dronacharya was also impressed by Ekalavya and agreed to teach him but Arjuna had taken objection about Ekalavya's caste.So Ekalavya decided to learn all the skills on his own.After few days he becomes master in all the skills but this is not accepted by Arjuna.He complains it to Dronacharya and unknowingly Dronacharya assures him that no person other than Arjuna will lead in this skill.But when he comes to know that the proficiency is achieved by Ekalavya he regrets it.But still he had to do something to bring Arjuna on the lead.What had Dronacharya done with Ekalavya's talent to bring Arjuna on the leading position.Watch it out in the movie Ekalavya.

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