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Enakkoru Magan Pirappan ( 1996 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Swathi (Khusboo) and Balu (Ramki) are a happily married couple. Soon, Swathi gets pregnant and this doubles their happiness. But the only threat to their happiness is Balu's mother (Vadivikkarasi) who wants her grand child to be a male. If the child turns out to be female, not only does she oust her son from her property but also refuses to allow the daughter-in-law and the child to stay in the house anymore. Balu has already seen his brothers undergo this torture since none of them have been able to father a male child. His fears come true when Swathi also gives birth to a girl. But Balu has a plan in mind, with which he hopes that his mother will change her mind and attitude towards having a girl child. When Swathi returns from the hospital, post delivery, she comes home with a male child in her arms. Will Balu's plan fail and make matters worse for him? "

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