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Eno Onthara ( 2010 ) , Kannada

Synopsis: Eno Onthara movie is the ego centric female protagonist and soft hearted male protagonist tale from the beginning till the end. Internally there is love in Madhumathi (Priyamani) for Surya (Ganesh) but she does not show it. Although Surya tries to show his love to Madhumathi that is often stalled by her quarreling with him. That is not easy for Madhumathi and Surya. They take on lot of opponents but finally succeed in uniting the lovers who are thick friends of both of them. Madhumathi and Surya are still at distance although they meet regularly. Finally at the railway station both about to climb train to their destination write letters to express their feelings. Madumathi buries her ego nature finally. It was first in Telugu as ���Kushi��� and later in Tamil language too.

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