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Erattai Manithan ( 1982 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Thurai(S.S.Rajendran) is a very honest youngster and cashier in V.K.Ramasamy's office. One day V.K.R and family goes to Chandra Mohan play in which Thurai were acting in big role. V.K.R suspecting whether the Chandra Mohan role played by Thurai. Thurai first time telling lie that he has brother Raja. Then he started playing dual role. V.K.R'sdaughter Kanamma fall in love with Raja. Meantime Bhavani,Kanamma's friend also fall in love with Thurai. Chandran(Jai Ganesh) and Vani(Sumatra) were lovers. But Chandran denying to marry Vani if Thurai marrying to Kanamma. Both had dispute from the beginning. Surli rajan makes a cameo appearance to help Thurai. At the climax, How Thurai going to tell the truth to V.K.R? Will Chandran marry to Vani? How Thurai get away from Bhavani? Remain story will cover up these questions. "

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