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Family - Ties of Blood ( 2006 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: Slacker Aryan Bhatia's (Aryeman Ramsay) life is turned upside down when his brother, Shekhar(Akshay Kumar), is killed by a hoodlum, Virendra Sahi (Amitabh Bachchan). Unable to get the corrupt Mumbai police to apprehend him, he decides to abduct the entire Sahi family, hold them hostage until Virendra surrenders to him. He and six of his friends obtain firearms, successfully abduct the Sahi family and hold them in a room. They even get Virendra to negotiate their release within 24 hours. But Aryan grossly underestimates Virendra's connections, reportedly from 'Sadak' to 'Sansad'. Soon, not only he, his friends, and the remainder of his family will face Virendra's wrath

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