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Film Nagar ( 1998 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Sivaji is a young actor who aspires to be the star of his own movie someday. He moves to the city in hopes of landing the role of a lifetime. He stays with a few other aspiring actors in a small apartment. One day Sivaji gets the oppurtunity to be the hero in a movie under the condition that he finds the heroine. After searching for a long time, he finally meets a beautiful girl named, Shraddha. Initially, she refuses to act but after a lot of convincing, she agrees to play the part. Just when things seem to be fine, Sivaji is told that he is no longer in the movie. And during all this, Shraddha and Sivaji fall in love with each other. To add to Sivaji's troubles, another upcoming actor called Jackie makes untoward advances at Shraddha. Will Sivaji be able to realize his dream of starring in a movie? Will Jackie succeed in splitting Sivaji and Shraddha? Watch to find out. "

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