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Ganda Hendathi ( 2006 ) , Kannada

Synopsis: "Ganda Hendathi is a remake of Mahesh Bhatt's, Mallika Sherawat & Emran Hashmi, Hindi Hit - Murder. Ganda Hendathi story tells the effect of wrong path in the family life. It is not just enough the sacred 'Mangalasutra' is tied around the neck at the marriage hall. The marital need in every sense has to be fulfilled by both of them. Sanjana in an inevitable situation agrees for marriage after her sister's death as the young child Sanchali had to be taken care. Sanjana meets her ex boy friend Sachin in the busy market streets of Bangkok. In a fit of anger Susheel hits Sachin in his house and packs off his body to a graveyard. That is not all. Sachin after week trauma comes out in bad shape and decides to take revenge. He has an eye on Sanjana group of companies bank balance. He hatches a plot to grab the huge money but in the house of Sanjana and Susheel something different happens. Vendor: Aananda Audio Video "

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