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Garana Donga ( 1990 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Garana Donga directed by debutant Ravi, was aimed to resurrect the career of Prabhu Deva. The movie was lying in the cans for a long time due to financial problems. The film is released now and surprisingly it is a fast paced one with action, sentiments, romance and glamour in the right proportion.Allaudin (Prabhu Deva) is an illiterate who lives in Allikuppam, where he was abandoned as a child. He grows up in the slums and fights against injustice towards the people with whom he shares a special bond. Allaudin's enemy is Gangadhar (Raghuvaran), a ruthless man. One day Allaudin finds evidence that Gangadhar had committed a murder and thus he becomes our hero's Magic Lamp, as he starts blackmailing him. Thus the messiah of poor slum dwellers becomes a sort of Robin Hood by satisfying all the needs of the people dear to him. In the meantime, Allaudin falls in love with Gangadhar's employee's daughter (Aashima). And in a gripping climax, Allaudin is shot, a twist in the climax is revealed then. After a long hibernation a Prabhu Deva film is releasing in Tamil and this long wait seemed to have paid off, as the audience get to see a new improved Deva. He has matured as an actor. Aashima after the cameo appearance in Ramana has a plum role here, but she has nothing much to emote. Raghuvaran is terrific as usual in the role of the villain. Ramnath Shetty's camera, Mani Sharma's music and the song picturisations are worth mentioning. On the whole the film is enjoyable and engaging at times. "

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