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Gauri ( 2006 ) , Marathi

Synopsis: " The movie raises an issue of the glaring disparity between village life and city life. Gauri is the journey of a city belle who is a colossal nature lover. She wants to abscond from the city lifestyle which she feels is a world for her of blitzkrieg and dazzle. Gauri's blissful world comes crashing down when it is revealed that she had contracted a disease which can be cured only by living close to nature and staying in an environment replete with fodder and sheep. So she is left by her parents in the custody of a couple in the village (Kuldeep Pawar and Priya Berde). Thus begins Gauri's transition from the city to the village, as she discovers a new world, a new family, a new environment & new values unfolding in front of her. Veeru, her guardians' son, sees in her the girl of his dreams. When her parents bring her back to the city she is disillusioned by her life as she has to go through all sorts of the miseries. This makes her comprehend that she is unfit for city life. How she sustains herself forms the crux of the story. "

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